Nualgi Pond Care Natural Fish Pond Cleaner, 60ml Pond Bacteria for Large Ponds, Clarifier for Fish Ponds, Safe for All Aquatic Life Including Koi, Pond Water Clarifier Treats Up to 60,000 Gallons Price: $30.00 (as of 26/09/2023 11:25 PST- Details)

GET NATURAL CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER: Nualgi Pond Care begins a natural process by harnessing the power of diatoms (Mother Nature’s favorite microscopic cleaners) to improve the overall health of the entire ecosystem with the best pond cleaner.
CREATES A HEALTHIER AND CLEANER POND HABITAT: The growth of diatoms leads to more oxygen in the water, which provides a healthy pond treatment and a healthier habitat for fish. With more oxygen in the water, fish become less disease-prone and more active.
NATURALLY IMPROVED POND BACTERIA: Oxygen released by diatoms digests the organic waste from fish and left-over fish food, as Nualgi Pond Care’s natural pond cleaner quickly provides your pond relief without man-made harmful chemicals & UV sterilizers!