How To Choose A Septic Tank Air Pump

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For a compe see our “All About Septic Tank Air Pumps”. But for the purposes of selecting a Septic tank air pump for your particular aerobic/septic system, here is our lete discussion and understanding of Septic Tank Air Pumps, pleasadvice:

The Rule of Thumb is a Minimum 40 Lt/Min and a Maximum of 80 Lt/Min of Output

First, for most two to four bedroom homes, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has certified a Septic Tank system minimum that treats 500 gallons per Day (GPD) of household sewage. There are many different brands of aerobic tanks that comply with this requirement. All of which specify the brand and output in Liters/Minute (Lt/Min) of the pump for the respective septic system. So, if you know the brand of you tank, you can look up the recommended pump.

If you don’t know what system you have, the rule of thumb is a minimum 40 Lt/Min and a maximum of 80 Lt/Min of output. If you have ever had you septic tank cleaned and know how many gallons they pumped, it will be either 750 gallons or 1,000 gals. The 40 Lt/Min pump is suited for the 750 gallon tank and the 80 Lt/Min pump for the 1,000 gallons.

Our Septic Tank Air Pump “Brand” Recommendation

Now as far as the brand. The most popular and long lasting pump (5 to 10 years), is the Hiblow brand and the one we recommend. If money is an issue then we recommend the Blue Diamond brand, septic air pump. It generally lasts 2-5 years.

If you do opt for the Blue Diamond brand, they exagerate their output. So for a 40Lt/min output you can go with either the ET40 or ET60. For a 80Lt/min output you can go with either the ET80 or ET100. Whatever pump you choose, check out our Over Pressure Safety Valve that we designed to extend the service life of any septic air pump.

Septic Tank Air Pump, With Low Pressure Alarm or Without?

You will see an alarm box on many septic air pumps. These alarms measure the pressure of the air pump. If the pump pressure falls below 1 psi, due to an electrical or diaphragm failure, the alarm will buzz and show a red light to show you that the pump is no longer functioning. The alarm is not necessary, just helpful and an accessory that is up to your discression, as it does increase the septic air pump price.


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