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Congratulations On The Purchase Of The Your Septic Tank/Waste Water Treatment Plant Linear Diaphragm Air Pump!

If you comply with the following recommendations, your pump will give you years of 24/7 service. If you don’t, you might be calling me up within a week to a month with an overheated-torn diaphragm-failed pump that you might want to pass off as defective. In this case, our one year guarantee will not apply. So please do read and follow the recommendations below before installing your air pump.

In the drawing below, you will see a typical waste water treatment plant which also depicts the Aeration System. As you can see, the tank has two chambers (although some have three); the first is the Aeration Chamber, where air from the air pump is directed to the bottom of the tank through a 1/2" pvc pipe that tees off there and releases bubbles up through small holes drilled in the horizontal section of the pipe.

Modad Treatment Plant

                                                                    The purpose of all this is to agitate and thoroughly aerate the incoming waste water. This allows the aerobic bacteria or bacteria that need oxygen to decompose and transform the waste water into something relatively clean to do their work.

Clogs in the Aeration System

PLEASE SEE VIDEO click here:


If you have not had your treatment plant pumped or cleaned in 10 years or so, the sludge that builds up on the tank floor may cover the horizontal part of the aeration pipe and clog the air holes, preventing air flow. Another potential source of a clog in the aeration pvc pipe is from running over the ground in the area where the pipe runs from the air pump to the waste water treatment plant with a heavy vehicle. This can inadvertently break the pipe or pinch it producing a barrier to air flow.

Whatever the case, when the air line of the septic tank/treatment plant is clogged, the air pump will continuously be pumping against that back pressure of the clog and this causes the pump to overheat and burn up or damage the diaphragms within.

The simple test I recommend is this:  Connect the air pump to your aeration line, then plug it in and let it run. After 10 minutes, place your hand on the side of the pump. If the pump is only warm to the touch, let the pump run for an hour and test it again. If the temperature is the same, let it go all day. Still only warm to the touch? Then your system is good to go!

If however, at any time during the test, the pump sides are hot to the touch, you must turn it off...if you don't, no matter what air pump is installed, it will certainly fail in a short time.

If the clog is due to the case of sludge at the bottom of your tank covering or clogging the aeration pipe, it is not possible to clear the obstructed pipe with a high pressure compressor; even with 100 psi…I have tried it many times! The only way to clear the clogs is to cut the aerator pipe inside the tank and bring the whole inverted tee outside the tank for proper cleaning. This is possible (though unpleasant), immediately after you have had your treatment plant pumped out, while the fluid level is low.

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       Placement and Care of The Air Pump

The diaphragm air pump is sealed in an all aluminum casing. However, since it is a necessity in all air pumps for a fresh air inlet to the pump, this creates the potential for damage by way of water or foreign matter intrusion (Ants) through the air filter of the aerator. To prevent this intrusion and the damage it may cause, it is recommended that you install your air pump at a minimum height of 6 inches above ground level or more if you live in an area with fire ants. These insects seek the warmth of the running pump and enter by way of the air filter, eventually clogging the incoming air valve.

To prevent water intrusion from rain it is recommended that you have a well ventilated cover over the entire pump. This will also aid in keeping the pump cool in the summer time and from freezing in the winter time. Temperature extremes cause air pump diaphragms to become brittle and tear, rendering a perfectly good aerator inoperative.

If you follow these recommendations, your air pump motor is guaranteed for one year from date of purchase.

If your tear the air pump diaphragms (due to excessive back pressure) the replacement diaphragms will be at your cost.


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