4X Blue Pond Dye – Transforms Murky Brown Water to Natural Blue Color – Super Concentrated Lake and Pond Dye – Liquid Pond Shade Treats Up to 1 Acre – Safe for Fish and Wildlife (32 oz)

Amazon.com Price: $24.97 (as of 02/01/2024 23:53 PST- Details)

DEEP BLUE COLOR – Brings vibrant color back to dull, murky water! 4X Blue Pond Dye helps keep your lake or pond beautiful year round. Produces an attractive natural blue color and makes shallow water look deeper.
4X CONCENTRATED – A little goes a long way here! One quart container is four times (4X) more concentrated than 1 whole gallon of competing products. Gives even more value with a single 32oz bottle treating up to one acre, coloring the water 4-6 ft deep.
LIQUID POND SHADE – Invasive algae grows best in warm sunny water. Our pond dye provides a protective barrier that reduces sunlight penetration and helps keep bodies of water cooler.