4X Pond Cleaner – Reduces Muck & Sludge for a Clean, Natural Look – Super Concentrated Lake and Water Feature Enzymes Treats Up to 1 Acre, Pair with Dye – Safe for Fish and Wildlife (32 oz)

Amazon.com Price: $24.97 (as of 02/01/2024 23:53 PST- Details)

FROM DULL TO DELIGHTFUL – Brings vibrant clarity back to dull, murky water! 4X Pond Cleaner helps keep your lake or pond beautiful year-round. Natural enzymes feed on muck, sludge, and other organic materials, making shallow water look deeper.
4X CONCENTRATED – A little goes a long way here! One quart container is four times (4X) more concentrated than 1 whole gallon of competing products. Gives even more value with a single 32oz bottle treating up to one acre, treating the water 4-6 ft deep.
LIQUID POND CLARITY – Muck and sludge develops best in warm sunny water. Our pond cleaner provides a protective barrier that reduces sunlight penetration which helps keep bodies of water cooler.