Aquagarden, Pond Air Pump Kit, Outdoor Weather Proof air Pump, Twin Outlet Pond Oxygenator, Inc 2 Air Stones & 2 Air Lines, 85 gal/hr Flow Rate, Economical to Run, for Standard Ponds,Black Price: $44.20 (as of 02/01/2024 23:46 PST- Details)

INCREASED AERATION: The Pond Air Pump is designed to increase and help aeriation within your pond, and increase the level of oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide levels while helping to prevent stagnant water.
HELP YOUR POND FLOURISH: Fish and pond wildlife require oxygen rich water, using an air pump dramatically increases level of oxygen, which is especially important during the warmer weather.
HELP KEEP ICE FREE: Aeration is important during the winter months as it can help keep your pond ice free and prevent the build up of toxic gases which can be fatal to fish and wildlife.