Blue Diamond Pumps SKET 120 Service Kit For Models ET/ETA/ETK 120 Aerator Pump – Keep Your Linear Diaphragm Pump Performing For Your Hydroponic Growing, Fish Pond Aeration, or Septic System Aerator Price: $53.95 (as of 02/01/2024 23:50 PST- Details)

COMPONENTS: this pump kit contains 2 diaphragms, 1 magnet, and 1 air filter pad – Diaphragm measures 3 3/4 inches. BE SURE TO STRETCH YOUR DIAPHRAGMS IN EVERY DIRECTION BEFORE INSERTING into your Blue Diamond Pump. Push out around the entire circle to loosen the rubber or it will seem difficult to install. Please call number on the sticker of the package if you have any questions
REPLACEABLE: Blue Diamond Pumps provide years of dependable service but due to continual wear over time some air diaphragm pump components may need to be replaced in order to continue to provide the proper air flow. Instead of purchasing a new pump, you may just need to replace some internal components
EFFICIENCY: Service kits are a valuable way of maintaining your pumps high performance over the years. This is NOT a repair kit. If your Blue Diamond Pump is not working, then seek instruction from the manufacturer