HiBlow HP40 Septic Tank Air Pump


The Hiblow HP40: Is our commercial duty septic tank aerator with an output of 40 liters per minute. For use in all 500 Gallons Per Day (GPD) residential sewer treatment plants with an actual tank volume of up to 750 gallons. It is more expensive than our Blue Diamond Air Pumps, but has these advantages:

1. Extended Service Life: Up to twice that of Blue Diamond pumps.

2. Weather Proof: Blue Diamond Air Pumps will only give good service life if covered and ventilated, Hiblow Aerators are weather proof; you can leave them outside in the direct sun and exposed to rain and they will still last for years!!!

3. NSF Certified: The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is the governing body that certifies which size, make and model of air pump may be “legally” used for each make and model of Modad sewer treatment plant in the US. The Hiblow Brand is NSF certified; the Blue Diamond Brand is not. 

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