Large Pond Diffuser for Outdoor Bubbling- High Efficiency Sinking Pond Aquatic Aerators and Deicer for Improved Filtration-Fish Pond Part Essential for Healthy Aquatic Environment-Reduces Scum. Price: $45.99 (as of 02/01/2024 23:52 PST- Details)

This part is designed to dramatically improve large pond aeration and oxygenation. Using only air to produce bubbles, this aerator features greatly reduced formation of scum to ensure a long life of use in the water to maintain your water pond in good aeration
The Bubble diffusers move about 4-6 times as much water as the air. This part also helps to maintain the water flow throughout the cold season to eliminate surface ice build-up and freezing and help fishes survive.
Purposedly designed with a heavy base and light upper tubes. The self-weighted base allows the aerator maintain an up-right position under water while working smoothly for maximum creation of bubbles.