Pond Clarifier – Fish-Friendly Koi Pond Water Clarifier to Quickly Clear Murky Pond Water and Remove Pond Sludge with Natural Enzymes – Fish Pond Water Treatment – AquaDoc Pond Supplies

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Finally, a Pond Clarifier that gives you natural, clear water. The best part – our unique enzyme formula lets you bypass using harsh chemicals in your pond.
Fish Friendly Koi Pond Clarifier – AquaDoc’s pond clarifier is designed specifically to clear the murky water without any impact on the fish and plant life.This clarifying agent is inviting for humans, reptiles, and all other animals. Enjoy clear pond water with our natural pond enzyme formula.
Made for Outdoor and indoor ponds – AquaDoc’s pond clearing product are carefully designed to work with both indoor and outdoor ponds. Use this pond clarifyer for large ponds and small ponds.