Septic Drainer Septic Drain Field Maintenance – New Formula – 1 Gal Septic Drain Field Treatment with Bio-Septic Boost & Septi-Marker | Repair & Maintain Septic Drain Fields | Non-Toxic Price: $109.99 (as of 02/01/2024 23:45 PST- Details)

VALUE KIT – This Septic Drainer Kit includes one gallons of our Septic Drainer formula. This equates to a 6 month supply of Septic Drainer, which can treat a standard 1,000 gallon system, 2 times. Also included is our 1 quart Bio-Septic Boost treatment which is good for 2 treatment applications. Bonus add of our high quality Septic-Marker to clearly and safely mark your septic system.
REPAIR & PROTECT – Septic Drainer works hard to not only to repair your septic drainer field, but it maintains it throughout its use. Protect the invest you’ve made in your septic system from both biological and soil failures. Septic Drainer treats your soil with all natural compounds to make your soil healthy and pourios again. Bio-Septic Boost enhances the biological activity of your system reducing organic materials including the Bio-Mat formation.
NATURAL & NON-TOXIC – Our formula has been used by farmers, septic professionals and homeowners alike for decades. This proven system is designed to simulate the growth of the naturally occuring bacteria for your specific environment. Our formula is safe and non-toxic so you can apply is with confidence and peace of mind.