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“Prairieville Septic Tank Cleaning and Pumping”:

The city of Prairieville, with a population of over 37,000, is Bracy’s A-1 Septic’s largest customer; making up 31% of my septic tank cleaning and pumping service. Since I am located in the Prairieville city limits, I am never more than 15 minutes away for any emergencies you might have!

The EPA estimates that one quarter to one half of all homes in the US utilize septic tanks or waste treatment plants. This means that Prairieville could have as many as 5,000 individual waste water units, and all of which need septic tank cleaning and pumping or waste treatment plant cleaning and pumping at some point.

With so much at stake, Bracy’s A-1 Septic is committed to maintaining your septic tank or waste treatment plant in perfect working order, and I am on call day or night to resolve your problem. Whether it be septic tank cleaning and pumping or hydro-jetting your drain lines, I am at your service in Prairieville!

What I Do On my Visit to Clean and Pump your Septic Tank Or Waste Treatment Plant in Prairieville?

So, what do I do when I come to perform your septic tank cleaning and pumping or treatment plant cleaning and pumping in Prairieville?

First, I find out what kind of septic tank or waste treatment plant is, for this determines how I will go about cleaning and pumping your septic tank or waste treatment plant. If the septic tank outline is not visible at the surface, I employ a special probe that allows me to find the boundaries of the septic tank or waste treatment plant for proper cleaning and pumping.

There are two basic designs I encounter in my septic tank cleaning and pumping and watewater treatment plants in Prairieville. One is the true “septic tank”. This is a round cylinder shaped having only a single chamber. The septic tank utilizes an anerobic (without oxygen) process to breakdown the fecal wastes. This type of process is not very efficient but was the first system utilized years ago in Prairieville.

The old round septic tank in Prairieville, not being very efficient, is prone to solid waste buildup and must be cleaned and pumped more often than the waste water treatment plants I will discuss shortly. However, it is the easiest tank for me to clean and pump because I only need to enter the septic tank through one inspection window, which leads to the one chamber.

The second type of septic tank is not really a septic tank at all…it is the waste treatment plant. This is the modern septic system to process waste water and fecal matter in Prairieville. The waste water treatment plant can either be rectangular or cylindrical in shape and is made of a variety of materials which include steel, cement, plastic or fiberglass.

The waste water treatment plant, whether rectangular or cylindrical, is made up of two chamber, instead of the one chambered “septic tank” I discussed earlier. A wall seperates the two chambers from top to bottom with the exception of a small space at the very bottom where the contents of one chamber can pass liquid wastes to the other. This is important as the waste water treatment plants in Prairieville work by having the inlet waste line drain from the house empty into the first septic tank chamber. At the bottom of this first chamber there is an air pipe that spews out compressed air that bubbles up to the surface of the tank and greatly aids the digestion of the liquid wastes and fecal matter.

This process is called “aerobic” digestion, which means that the breaking down of the waste is through oxygenation or oxidation. This is a much more efficient process than the old single chambered septic tank! Now as the waste matter is broken down it gives off methane gas and the remainder turns to more of liquid state. This liquid passes down through the bottom space between the two chambers to the second chamber, where it goes up and out the tail line to your drainage ditch. As you can see the two chambers of the waste water treatment plant aid in segregating the solids of the inlet wastes from the house to the first chamber.

Being a two chambered tank, it is more difficult to clean and pump the waste water treatment plant than it is to do septic tank cleaning and pumping. This is because you must enter through two inspection doors to get to both chambers. This takes a lot of extra work, but as you can now understand, if you just clean and pump out of one side, you will leave sludge in the other chamber.

Be Warned About Septic Tank Cleaning and Pumping and Wastewater Treatment Plant Cleaning and Pumping in Prairieville!!!!

Now that you know a little about the theory of septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants, be warned that there are unscrupulous septic tank cleaning and pumping companies that only clean and pump your septic tank or treatment plant through the vertical 8 inch inspection pvc pipe that sticks up out of your tank through the ground. If you see anyone starting to clean and pump your septic tank in this way, you will know they am trying to cheat you by quickly pumping out the liquids, while leaving the bulk of the sludge and solids behind!!!

 At Bracy’s A-1 Septic, I will not take shortcuts! I will clean and pump out your septic tank in Prairieville so that nothing of the waste remains!

More Septic Tank Cleaning And Pumping And Waste Water Treatment Plant Tips:
  1. For best results contract septic tank cleaning and pumping every three to five years. If any septic tank cleaning and pumping company advises you to do it more often or to sign a periodic maintenance contract, they are trying to deceive you!
  2. For best results contract waste water treatment plant cleaning and pumping every five to 10 years. If any septic tank cleaning and pumping company advises you to do it more often or to sign a periodic maintenance contract, they are trying to deceive you!

 Call today 225-715-5784 for the best septic tank cleaning and pumping and treatment plant cleaning and pumping service in Prairieville.

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