Aquarium Air Pump, Solar Air Pump Double Oxygen Piping Pond Pump Solar Aerator for Pond, Air Pump Pond Kit for Garden Fish Tank Pool Fishing Pond – Send Replacement Parts (Upgraded) Price: $28.33 (as of 02/01/2024 23:45 PST- Details)

🐟️[Bring the fish back to active life in the water]: Quarium air pump increase the oxygen content in the pond or fish tank, make the oxygen circulate, keep it clean and algae free, make the fish more active, keep the pond and fish tank healthy ecological environment, the best choice for home fish keeping, outdoor pond, aquarium.
🔋[Outdoor indoor both]: Fish tank air pump supports 2 methods of charging-solar/USB, after fully charged can be continuous oxygen for more than 24 hours, can be fully charged and then oxygen, can also be charged while oxygen, red light when charging, green light when full.
🌊[Optional 3 kinds of oxygen mode]: Fish air pump one key control oxygen pump switch, by repeating the key switch can choose the oxygen pump work mode, the corresponding mode indicator will light up – ① stop 3 seconds to play 5 seconds; ② continuous oxygen; ③ from large to small and then from small to large progressive oxygen.