Blue Diamond ENVIRO ET 120 KOI Pond Summer Aeration and Winter DEICER Linear AIR Pump Adds Oxygen, Improves Water Quality and Clarity, Helps Fish and Plants Price: $262.00 (as of 02/01/2024 23:14 PST- Details)

✅ IMPROVES POND CONDITIONS ALL YEAR – SUMMER AERATOR & WINTER DEICER: The Blue Diamond Enviro ET120 Koi Pond Summer Aeration and Winter Deicer Linear Air Pump improves pond water during hot, warm, cool and cold weather. Because it adds oxygen to the pond, the pump makes the water clearer and raises its quality. During freezing weather, this pump helps to prevent ice on the water surface.
✅ BENEFITS ALL POND LIFE: Koi, other fish, plants and good bacteria are among the pond inhabitants that thrive with the oxygen this pump adds to their ecosystem. The pump’s action also circulates the water, which helps fish waste break down. The result is a cleaner pond, which promotes healthier pond life.
✅ RUNS QUIETLY AND EFFICIENTLY: Operating at 45 decibels, this pump uses 90 watts of electricity. Its maximum air flow is 4.24 cubic feet / 120 liters per minute. Its maximum pressure is 0.10 bar.