Blue Diamond ET60 Septic Air Pump


ET60: Is our most economical Linear Diaphragm air pump. It has an output of 60 liters of air per minute and is compatible for use in all 500 Gallons Per Day (GPD) residential sewer treatment plants with an actual tank volume of up to 750 gallons and are not of the following brand names: “Cajun Aire”, “Econo”, “Jet”, “Hoot”, “Delta” and “Modad2”. Most residential tanks are of the 750 gallon capacity and normally require from 40 to 60 Liters/min, which our ET60 fits perfectly. If you are not sure of the required aerator output  and you do not know the brand name or volume of your treatment plant, you simply need to look at the model number on your old pump. Usually that model number will have a “40”, “60” or “80” incorporated in it that will signify that it is a 40, 60 or 80 liter per minute pump. If you still cannot see one of these three in the model number, then you can either do a GOOGLE search for that model number to get the Liter per minute specification, or yo can call me and I will do it for you!

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