Blue Diamond ET60A Septic Air Pump


ET60A:  air pump, is the same 60 liter per minute aerator as the ET60 with the added feature that makes monitoring of the proper functioning of your aerator system a snap! This air pump comes with an integrated pressure sensor and alarm that will inform you (with a red light and loud buzzer) there is a loss of the correct air pressure in your aeration system. Usually the alarm sounds because the aerator itself is worn and not producing enough air, or because you have a break in the 1/2″ pvc pipe connection that conducts air to the sewer treatment plant tank. In either case it is a very helpful tool to have! It’s funny how many people I meet in my business that tell me that their air pump is still running after 10 years. When I take a look I usually find that the pump motor is still vibrating, but by putting my thumb on the pump outlet, I find that no air is actually being pumped…for how long has that been? At any rate, if you are a little bit lazy, like I am, to check your pump periodically, this alarm system is the way to go!

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