Blue Diamond ET80A Septic Air Pump


ET80A: While the ET80 aerator pump will completely meet all the requirements of your septic tank /sewer treatment plant and more, our ET80A air pump, is the same 75 liter per minute aerator with the added feature that makes monitoring of the proper functioning of your aerator system a snap! This air pump comes with an integrated pressure sensor and alarm that will inform you (with a red light and loud buzzer) there is a loss of the correct air pressure in your aeration system. Usually the alarm sounds because the aerator itself is worn and not producing enough air, or because you have a break in the 1/2″ pvc pipe connection that conducts air to the sewer treatment plant tank. In either case it is a very helpful tool to have! It’s funny how many people I meet in my business that tell me that their air pump is still running after 10 years. When I take a look I usually find that the pump motor is still vibrating, but by putting my thumb on the pump outlet, I find that no air is actually being pumped…for how long has that been? At any rate, if you are a little bit lazy, like I am, to check your pump periodically, this alarm system is the way to go!

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