Blue Diamond Pumps ET40A Septic Pond Linear Diaphragm Air Pump, Built in Alarm Detects Low Pressure in The Airline Which Triggers an Integrated High Sounding Buzzer and Bright LED Warning Light Price: $187.00 (as of 02/01/2024 23:14 PST- Details)

BUILT IN ALARM: This septic pump has an alarm that tells you if you have a back pressure issue, busted diaphragms, or no power to the unit so you can take the appropriate measures to correct any situation. The alarm is CE tested and UL approved to meet legislation avoiding environmental hazards and fines
UNIQUE FEATURES: this pond air pump is made with Green Drive Technology, which uses energy efficient motors. The specially formulated diaphragm material extends the motors life and there is a thermal shutoff in case you happen to over pressure your pump. It will protect itself by thermally shutting down until the blockage is cleared
BOOSTS SEPTIC WASTE DECOMPOSITION: By adding clean, oil free oxygen to septic system wastewater, Blue Diamond Pumps ET40A air pump encourages unwanted organisms to decompose. Its weatherproof and sturdy design make it an excellent wastewater pump. It is also effective in a pond