Level Sense PRO- Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Alarm, Features Include: High Water Alarm, Water Leak Detector, Power Failure Alarm, WiFi Temperature Sensor, Water Sensor Alarm

Amazon.com Price: $179.99 (as of 02/01/2024 23:18 PST- Details)

REALTIME MONITORING with Level Sense Pro Water detector alarm lets you know immediately about fluid levels. Discover Temperature, humidity and water leak alarm early so you can act fast & limit damage
WIF water alarm sensor with float switch monitors temperature, water level, humidity, leak detection and power outage alarm. Cloud check-in monitoring prevents frozen pipes, flooded basements & more.
Back-Up power provided by an auto-recharging internal back-up battery, Level Sense Pro Wifi Water Leak Detector monitors sump pump water levels. Get notified before the sump pump float switch fails.