Widitn Pond Aeration Kit, Adjustable Koi Pond Aerator Pond Deicer for Water Gardens Fish Ponds Up to 1500 Gallons, All-in-One Pond Air Pump System with Airline Tubing Air Stones Check Valves

Amazon.com Price: $39.99 (as of 02/01/2024 23:48 PST- Details)

🐠Small Pond Aerators for Outdoor Ponds – Up to 1,500 Gallons, effectively oxygenates ponds, improving water quality and clarity for healthier fish and plants.
🐠Adjustable Pond Air Pump – Adjustable airflow through top adjustable knob. Power 5 watts, 0.35CFM (158.5GPH), air pressure 4.35PSI (0.029Mpa). Effectively oxygenates ponds, creating a more stable environment for your fish and plants.
🐠Super Silent & Durable – Thick ABS dual enclosure and built-in rubber feet minimize noise and vibration, improve stability, and don’t distract you from your beautiful surroundings (30-40 dB). This pond aerator pump with vulcanized diaphragm for greater durability.