RISINGUP Solar Aerator Air Pump for Pond with with 2200 mAh Battery, Oxygen Pipe, Oxygen Supply for Various Tanks/Pond/Aquarium/Outdoor Gardening Water Circulation

Amazon.com Price: $29.99 (as of 02/01/2024 23:45 PST- Details)

Improved water quality: Adopting the air stone with excellent air permeability to keep a large number of fine bubbles flow out evenly, which greatly increases the amount of oxygen in the aquarium. Additionly, the large oxygen supply helps to increase the vigour and breeding frequency of the fish. Multi scenarios available, including fish tanks and aquariums.
Air pump with solar panel: Solar power supply, wirless design with eco-friendly energy. Equipped with a 180° adjustable solar panel, the solar air pump helps to retain a reasonable oxygen level and isnide cleaness to ensure the life expectancy of the fish and the utilization period of the pond in most garden ponds. The cable connecting the solar panel to the pump is long enough (9.18Ft) to cover a relatively large area that enables the pump to work in the shade.
Wide utilization: Equipped with three air tubes, whose lengths are freely adjustable according to your needs. It is able to provide oxygen to freshwater fish, marine fish and other fish and widely used in fish farms, house hold tank,aquariums and ponds. The pump is designed with overload protection ensures the complete safey for users and animals.