Septic Drain Field Repair | Clears Septic Leach Fields | Unclog Your Drain Field | Septi-Flow Shock Dissolves Hardened Deadpan Soil, Complete Septic Drain Field Treatment (4) Gallons Price: $164.99 (as of 02/01/2024 23:42 PST- Details)

WORKS TO CLEAN AND CLEAR SEPTIC DRAIN FIELD LINES! Septi-Flow Shock is a Heavy Duty Septic Drain Field Treatment and Repair for Septic Leach Field Systems That Have Been Locked Up by Excess Soaps, Detergents and Sodium and Sulfate Buildup.
ELIMINATES SODIUM, PHOSPHATE AND SULFATE BUILDUP IN YOUR SEPTIC DRAIN FIELD. Helps Eliminate Locked Up and Deadpanned Soil from Soap, Sodium, Sales and Detergent Run-Off/Buildup.
SCIENTIFICALLY STUDIED AND USED SINCE 1950. Septi-Flow Shock is Safe for All Septic Systems, Pipes, and Plumbing. Our Product is Biodegraebale in The Septic Tank System.