Septic Tank Shock Treatment | Bio Enzyme Septic Safe | Clears Leach & Drain Fields, Dissolves Organic Solids, Grease, Hair – Drain Deodorizer(7.5 LBS) Price: $175.76 (as of 02/01/2024 23:43 PST- Details)

Septic Emergency Treatment: When your system needs life-support, Septic Liberator will get the job done, it combats and destroys the most challenging septic system, cesspool, leach and drain field problems. Our industrial strength concentrated bio-enzymatic formula is the only one on the market that will restore failing commercial and residential septic systems and drain fields.
Prevents Costly Repairs: Using chemicals kills the system’s natural biology, creating another costly problem. Septic Liberator combines natural bacteria with additional enzymes to chop up and digest build-ups, increasing flow and soil absorption while supporting the system’s biological balance. A balanced system is a healthy system and a healthy system is a trouble-free system. If you need a biological fix, Liberator will get the job done.
Eliminate Odors and Digests Sludge: Septic Liberator’s formula combines six strains of enzyme-producing bacteria with an additional four strains of specialized enzymes. Septic Liberator, unlike other products that use bacteria or enzymes alone. While Liberator’s live bacterial breakdown and digest Biomats, the specialist enzymes attack the most demanding components of the build-up. The result is a healthy, odor-free septic system.