Septic Tank Treatment Packets – 1 Year Supply (12 Dissolvable Flush Packs) – Billions of Active Bacteria – Just Drop, Flush, and Repeat Price: $19.95 (as of 26/09/2023 11:15 PST- Details)

🏴 HIGH STRENGTH CONCENTRATED FORMULA – Each packet contains billions of enzyme-producing bacteria that eliminate odors and help prevent clogs and septic backups. Even more, our specially selected septic tank enzymes actually counteract common household chemicals, helping to restore your tank’s natural balance.
🏴 MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET – Our septic system treatment is undoubtedly an investment worth making. The beneficial bacteria in our self-dissolving packets convert solid waste into liquids and gas that can then be released into your system’s leach field. This means less frequent professional septic pumpings, and more money in your pocket.
🏴 JUST DROP, FLUSH, & REPEAT – It really is THAT SIMPLE. Once a month, drop a packet into your toilet and flush. Then repeat next month. The active bacteria cultures go to work immediately, digesting solid waste and even helping to dissolve toilet paper!