Simply CB Pro-pump/SP Price: $45.00 (as of 02/01/2024 23:44 PST- Details)

UNLIKE OTHER TREATMENTS Our Kit comes with Living Bacteria. This Gives the unprecedented 3 to 5 year shelf life and Also Eliminates Odors Naturally. Safe for ALL Septic Tanks,Cesspools,Catchbacan, Cesspits,and Systems. Avoid expensive backups stinky plumbing and embracing overflow by using Pro Pump Septic Saver Monthly
WHY ARE ENZYMES JUST NOT ENOUGH? Enzymes are NOT living and DO NOT reproduce They Feare created by the Bacteria in your system and over time they wash out. Our Bacteria are selected to withstand most household cleaners. And Best Of all Adding Pro Pump Septic saver drastically lowers the solids in your septic tank saving you money on pumping. They also work their way into your leach field and eat the Bio mat that causes total system failure increasing the total system life..
A powerful formula designed to enhance the performance and longevity of septic systems. Breaks Down Organic Waste: breaks down solid waste, grease, and scum buildup within the septic system.Reduces Odor: Controls and eliminates unpleasant odors associated with septic systems, keeping the surroundings fresh and clean Helps prevent clogs and backups by promoting efficient wastewater flow through the system.Restores and maintains a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the septic tank.