Septic System Treatment Packets Price: $19.97 (as of 02/01/2024 23:44 PST- Details)

Effortless Monthly Maintenance: Keep Your Septic System Healthy with Our Simple Flushable Additive. Just Flush One Packet Down the Toilet for Easy Septic Defense.
Natural Live Bacteria: Each Pak Contains a Bio Starter Blend of Billions of CFU Which Produce Helper Enzymes for your Sewer Tank. Compare to Yeast, Chemicals, Cleaner, or Odor Neutralizer that Cover up Long Term Issues in Your Ceptic Tank, Drain Field and Cesspool. ACTIVE is Professionally Formulated & Made in USA.
Wide Septic Compatibility: ACTIVE Works in Conventional & Chamber Systems, Drip Distribution System, Both Aerobic and Anaerobic Treatment Units, Rv Holding Tanks, and Black Tanks