WaterBoss Sump Pump Float Switch – Universal Water Level Sensor with 10-Ft Tether and Piggyback Plug for Grinder, Septic Pump and Sewage – Honeywell Microswitch Rated for 1M Cycles, IP68 Waterproof

Amazon.com Price: $32.99 (as of 02/01/2024 23:21 PST- Details)

Reliable liquid level sensor: Rated to directly control motors of up to 1/2 Horsepower (or 13 Amps) at 120 Volts AC for non-continuous pump operations, up to 13 Amps DC for motor loads. 10ft of cable
Piggyback water level sensor: Equipped with a piggyback connector for quick and easy direct connection to a 120VAC sump pump. Configured as Normally Open for emptying use only.
Float Switch for Sump Pump: Specifically designed for basement sump pump, grinder pump, septic water applications, providing accurate water level detection and automatic sump pump activation.