Sump Pump Alarm, Briidea Sump Pump Alert System with Battery Backup, 16 Foot Float Switch, White Price: $59.99 (as of 02/01/2024 23:18 PST- Details)

PEACE OF MIND: This sump pump alarm serves as a high or low level alarm depending on the sensor used. It is designed to monitor the liquid level in water tanks, sump and sewage basins, holding tanks and other water applications, providing early warning of pump failures. A great peace of mind knowing you will be warned of a problem, protecting your property from flooding.
ELECTRONIC SENSOR: This sump pump alert uses electronic sensor, which is small and save space, to seek unaffected by minerals or water debris. Moreover, it has overcome the shortcomings of traditional mechanical float switches that are prone to mechanical failures. Strong corrosion resistance ensures long life, high reliability and safety. No need to clean.
LOUD ALARM: The alarm sounds 110 decibels, loud enough to place it in the basement. In addition, the sump pump alarm has an external terminal which can be connected to the secondary alarm system– double protection.