Sump Pump Alarm High Water Septic Tank Alarm High/ Low Water Alarm Ideal for Sump Alarm System with 110dB Loud Alarm and LED Indicator, Indoor/Outdoor Price: $125.00 (as of 02/01/2024 23:19 PST- Details)

1. You can choose a high and low water level alarm, and spend a small amount of money to have a good product with high and low water level alarms. Ideal for monitoring water levels in sump pumps, tanks, pumping stations, low density oil and sewage
2. 110db high alarm. Big led flashing light, and 110db alarm can remind you about the water level more reliably.
3. Clear indication: With power indicator light, it is clear whether the product is working or not, with bright LED alarm indication and high-decibel alarm sound, making the water level more clear