Water Level Detector WiFi, Smart Water Leak Sensor Alarm Kit – High/Low/Leakage Sensor Device, 2 Sensors & 1 Hub, Communication Distance Between Detector and Hub in Open Area is 328 Ft, App Free

Amazon.com Price: $36.99 (as of 02/01/2024 23:18 PST- Details)

💎 3 in 1 Smart Home Water Sensor Set 💎 Brand-new practical technical, this kit comes with a Hub, 2 wireless water detectors, one 2-in-1 high water level/leak detection line, and a float water level detection line. Each water sensor has two 3.5mm standard headphone jacks, which can connect two detection lines at the same time to monitor different environments at the same time. The length of each of our detection cables is 6.5 Ft. You can buy an extension cable according to the actual situation.
💎 Real-Time Alerts & Remote Push Notifications Via Tuya App 💎 Connect the gateway to WiFi, and it will instantly send App notifications & alerts to your phone when When there is a water leak or the water level exceeds or falls below the set even you’re not at home. Water sensors and gateway are paired right out of the box. 【Note: Doesn’t support 5G WiFi.】 When the alarm is triggered, both the hub and the water detector will emit a 100 dB sound. If you don’t need sound, you can mute them.
💎 Advanced Integrated Functions 💎 Whether you want to provide early warning of water leakage, or detect overflow or water shortage, our WiFi smart home kit can meet your needs. No need to purchase other multiple equipment, our host can connect up to 30 wireless sensors with a frequency of 433MHz. If you need to detect multiple places, you only need to purchase our wireless water sensor separately and add it to the host. In this way, you have set up a small family safety protection system.