FUMAK Pond Aeration Kit – Koi Pond Aerator Pond Air Pump Kit for Pond up to 2000 Gallons Pond Deicer All-in-One Pond Aeration System with Double Outlets Check Valves Airline Tubing Air Stones

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ENGERGY EFFICIENT. This pond air pump effectively oxygenates your ponds, helping biological processes and creating a stable environment for your fish and plants in the pond. Power 5 Watt, flow rate 0.28CFM (127GPH), air pressure 3.7PSI (0.025Mpa). Ideal for ponds or water gardens up to 2000 Gallons. The air flow is adjustable with the dial on the top.
SUPER QUIET This koi pond aerator is extremely quiet with the straight airflow path, the denoising structural design and the vibration-relieving rubber feet.
DURABLE. The core part of an air pump is the diaphragm. This pump is with sulfurized diaphragm, which is more durable; the chrome-plated air outlets are corrosion resistant in the environment with high humidity.