SLIIMU Pond Aeration Kit, 4 Outlets Pond Air Pump Kit up to 2000 Gallons, Koi Pond Air Aerator Kit for Outdoor Ponds, Pond Bubbler with Air Stone,Check Valve,Airline Tubing for Pond,Fish Tank,Aquarium Price: $74.06 (as of 02/01/2024 23:46 PST- Details)

The pond aerator pump kit includes everything you need. The pond aerator for outdoor pond kit comes with 4 rolls of 30ft vinyl airline tubing, 4 air stones, 4 check valves, and 4 replacement air filter pads. The powerful 8 watt pump has a flow rate of 0.42cfm (192gph) and air pressure of 2.6psi (0.018mpa), making it ideal for ponds up to 2000 gallons and a maximum water depth of 5.3ft.
The pond air aerator kit includes air stones that release tiny bubbles into the water, increasing the surface area for oxygen exchange. The check valves prevent water from flowing back into the pump, while the replacement air filter pads ensure clean air is being pumped into the pond. The vinyl airline tubing is durable and flexible, making it easy to install and maintain.
This pond aeration pump help pond owners maintain healthy and beautiful outdoor fish pond environments. This pond bubbler kit is designed to increase oxygen levels and improve water quality for healthy fish and plants. The pond oxygenator kit can also be used as a pond deicer in winter by placing the air stones near the surface of the water to prevent ice from forming.