Hotrod Septic EMERGENCY SEPTIC TREATMENT / INDUSTRIAL GRADE / Hotrod 911 Emergency Septic Treatment / Leach Field Additive Dark Blue Price: $189.99 (as of 02/01/2024 23:43 PST- Details)

STRONG, HIGHLY CONCENTRATED FORMULA is designed to tackle even the most stubborn issues in your septic system quickly and effectively. Our powerful treatment works to digest grease, fats, oils, paper, salts, organic matter, and even petroleum products, helping to keep your system functioning properly and avoid costly repairs.
PATENTED TECHNOLOGY provides biological stimulation and cellular support to help your septic system function optimally. Our formula is designed to provide the necessary support for the microorganisms in your system, keeping it healthy and working properly.
IMPROVED PERCOLATION in the LEACH FIELD is an additional benefit of our formula. This powerful, concentrated treatment can be applied directly to the leach field, helping to alleviate tight junctures in the soil structure and improve the flow of water through the leach field. For best results, it is recommended to pump the septic tank professionally to remove pressure on the leach field before applying the product directly to the outlet line leaving the tank.