Septic Tank Treatment -1 Gallon Professional Grade Liquid | Live Bacteria & Enzyme Formula – Erase Septic Odor & Prevent Septic Backups Price: $28.25 (as of 02/01/2024 23:41 PST- Details)

Maintain a Healthy System from Drains to Field: Our New industrial-strength formula contains the ideal ratio of live biology and powerful enzymes to keep your system functioning smoothly. Ongoing use will keep all your drains, lateral lines, leach/drain fields, and cesspools flowing freely.
Prevent Septic Build-up: Septic Tank Treatment Liquid is an effective maintenance product that will dissolve away grease, oils, fats, paper, and organic sludge that can backup your system over time.
Eliminate Embarrassing Septic Odor: Our new and improved formula uses specialized bacteria to break down and digest odor-causing bacteria. Our fresh lavender scent provides instant relief from septic odor, giving the bacteria the time to eliminate the problem permanently.