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Low Pressure Septic Alarm System


This is a Low Pressure Septic System Alarm. It measures and warns of low pressure in you septic air line system due to air pump failure or a leak in the airline. To see how this all works, take a look at our video: Click Here


Low Pressure Alarm Wireless Option


The Low Pressure Septic System Alarm comes in two presentations. The first is a local (wired) outside alarm that you will see as the smaller thin single light siren box in the photos. It comes with everything you need to setup this alarm, which includes the plugin siren box, a 1/8th inch vinyl tubing to connect your pressure takeoff from either you linear diaphragm air pump or to a PVC take off adapter also shown pictured and (included). 

The second presentation performs the same tasks as the first with an added wireless function that plugs in remotely indoors (within 300 ft of the local outside alarm). It is the plugged, round, red siren in the photo. It also comes with a larger  plug box as shown in the photo. By the way, there is nothing to program and no batteries…all that is needed is to plug it in!

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Weight 4 lbs

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