Natural Elements Septic Tank Treatment Pods | 1-Year Supply, Pack of 12 | Eco-Friendly Bacteria & Enzymes Formula | Prevents Backups, Eliminates Odors, Maintains System Health & Efficiency Price: $17.99 (as of 02/01/2024 23:42 PST- Details)

Rejuvenates Your Septic System’s Natural Biology: Natural Elements Septic Pods support the health, longevity, and effectiveness of your septic system, cesspools, and drainage areas. By reintroducing essential bacteria and enzymes, they enhance the system’s natural biology, promoting efficient operation and an extended lifespan.
Scientifically Formulated Bacteria and Enzyme Blend: We’ve precisely engineered our Septic Pods with a blend of bacteria and enzymes, designed to dissolve system-clogging buildup. This proactive approach keeps your septic system running smoothly, even in areas prone to blockages.
Year-Long, Hassle-Free Maintenance: A single purchase provides an annual supply of Septic Pods. With just one pod a month, Natural Elements ensures comprehensive protection and a stress-free maintenance routine throughout the year.