Adios! Enzyme Drain Field Cleaner and Treatment for Septic Tanks, Leach Fields and Pipes (Gallon (128oz)) Price: $32.95 (as of 02/01/2024 23:41 PST- Details)

RESTORES DRAINFIELDS – Full of powerful enzymes, our bioactive formula restores leach and drain fields by breaking down fats, greases and organic matter that become trapped in septic systems, pipes, gravel and distribution boxes.
SAFE FOR PLASTIC AND METAL – Safe to use on even the oldest drain fields. No caustic chemicals, no harmful VOCs, and no need for gloves. Our formula is 100% safe to store around kids and pets!
PREVENTS CLOGS – Our active enzymes work 24/7 even after treatment, to prevent clogs in kitchen sinks, toilets, shower drains and bath tubs. One treatment a month will ensure smooth flow in your entire septic system, including tanks and fields.