ONE FLUSH – Septic Tank Treatment Packets, 3-Month Supply of Easy-Flush Bacteria & Enzyme Packets – Proactive Prevention for Sewage Backups, Made in the USA Price: $7.75 (as of 02/01/2024 23:42 PST- Details)

ONE FLUSH septic tank treatment dissolving packets are specially formulated to help break down waste and maintain a properly functioning septic tank system. This is the easiest and most efficient way to prevent expensive septic tank backups and drain field repairs. Just drop a ONE FLUSH septic treatment packet down your toilet each month!
ONE FLUSH septic tank treatment packets contain billions of active bacteria cultures that are scientifically selected to produce, activate, and recharge the septic tank enzymes needed to reduce solids and decompose the different types of waste found in both the sludge layer and scum layer of your septic tank, and even out into the leach field.
ONE FLUSH septic treatment enzymes are all natural, with no chemical additives. They’re safe for all home plumbing lines, any black water system or cesspool, and both aerobic and anaerobic septic systems, so use ONE FLUSH septic treatment packets each month with absolute confidence!