Unique Septic Field Rejuvenator, Restores and Maintains Backed Up Septic System Fields Without Digging, Emergency Septic Tank Treatment, Septic Saver, Bacteria Clears Blocked Septic Lines (32 fl oz)

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Fixes Problematic Systems. Resolves standing water in leach fields. Revives proper flow to slow systems. Prevents embarrassing sewage back-ups in your yard and home. Deep cleans septic system and laterals. Refreshes biomat layer in field.
Refreshes and Renews Your Septic Field. Billions of professional-strength, specially formulated septic system bacteria break down solid waste and debris caught in field and laterals. Helps restore and reactivate perking in problematic septic fields. Helps you avoid the huge expense of frequent pump outs or worse, digging up and replacing your system.
Trusted for Over 20 Years. Proprietary bacteria/enzyme formula has been trusted by thousands of conscious consumers for over 20 years. Safe for all types of tanks and pipes. Works without acids or hidden chemical ingredients.