Bio-Safe One Inc. – BSA 10003 – Drain Cleaner – Drain Clog Remover – Septic Tank Treatment – Drain Clog – Kitchen Drain Cleaner – Toilet Clog Dissolver – 24 Monthly Treatments Price: $139.00 (as of 02/01/2024 23:42 PST- Details)

ORIGINAL PATENTED BACTER FORMULA: Patented Bacter Formulas Used in Exxon Valdez. Over 25 Trillion Lab Cultivated, Patented Strains of Sewage Digesting Bacter. Backed by over 65 years of research and development, BOSS is a natural, safe, effective, money-saving preventive treatment which cleans, stops odors and maintains septic systems. Strongest Septic Treatment on the Market 100% Guaranteed!
READY-TO-USE PRE-MEASURED PACKS: BOSS is an enzyme-fortified multiple spore blend of highly specific bacter (with other natural ingredients) designed to provide continuous digestion & liquefaction of organic wastes found in both aerobic (oxygen) & anaerobic (non-oxygen) environments. BOSS contains 24 Monthly Treatments when used as a maintenance product it will 1.5 years + 6 months = 24 Months. Choose our BOSS product to clean out years of sewage it will last less time.
COMPLETELY DIGEST SEWAGE NOT JUST BREAK IT DOWN! NO SUSPENDED SOLIDS! Accelerated Break Down Process: By a powerful and complete process, BOSS assures that wastewater gets filtered through the soil without backing up into your tank or household plumbing, allowing uninterrupted air and water flow throughout your entire system from your pipes to your soil.