Accelerator by Dr. Pooper Drain Field Cleaner – Clears Septic Tank PLUS the Leach & Drain Field of Clogs & Sludge in 7 to 10 Days & Eliminates Odors – Aerobic and Anaerobic Systems – Keeps Total System Clean, Easy Flush, Fast Dissolving Tablets – Works in All Systems Price: $59.97 (as of 20/09/2023 10:02 PST- Details)

Try before you pump! Clears the clogs and sludge from septic tanks and drain fields and can eliminate the need for pumping — saving hundreds of dollars.
Keep your systems flowing smoothly: No matter the type – iron, ceramic, or PVC – or how old/new the drain field is, drain field cleaner by Dr. Pooper is safe and works for all kinds of septic systems, aerobic & anaerobic. Note: It will not clear inorganic waste such as toilet paper, foreign objects, or roots.
Eliminates odors: Foul odors can become a cause of embarrassment, especially when you have guests visiting your place. Our high-strength septic safe drain field cleaner prevents foul sewage odors from invading your home.