Blue Diamond ETA 120 Septic or Pond Linear Diaphragm Air Pump with built in Alarm Price: $272.00 (as of 02/01/2024 23:14 PST- Details)

✅ BUILT IN AIR PRESSURE ALARM: This pump includes a built-in alarm that buzzes and displays an LED light warning signal when low pressure is detected in the airline.
✅ BENEFITS ALL POND LIFE: Koi, other fish, plants and good bacteria are among the pond inhabitants that thrive with the oxygen this pump adds to their ecosystem. The pump’s action also circulates the water, which helps fish waste break down. The result is a cleaner pond, which promotes healthier pond life.
✅ RUNS QUIETLY AND EFFICIENTLY: Operating at 45 decibels, this pump uses 90 watts of electricity. Its maximum air flow is 4.24 cubic feet / 120 liters per minute. Its maximum pressure is 0.10 bar.