Dr. Pooper Accelerator Septic Tank Treatment – Environment-Friendly Septic System Maintenance Liquid – Eliminates Odors – Clears Organic Solids in Tanks & Drain Fields – Safe for All Septic Systems

Amazon.com Price: $49.97 (as of 02/01/2024 23:43 PST- Details)

Accelerate your septic system cleaning: Accelerator’s patent-pending formula makes naturally-occuring septic bacteria reproduce and grow 10 to 40 times faster. This army of big, hungry bacteria cleans up your septic system FAST. Note: It will not clear inorganic waste such as toilet paper, foreign objects, or roots.
No more foul septic odors: Does something smell a little OFF around your septic system (or your entire yard)? Accelerator by dr pooper eliminates septic odors. Accelerator stops the production of the bad, stinky gasses and changes that to the production of safe, non-smelly gasses (mostly nitrogen).
Eliminate pumping costs: Save hundreds of dollars on pumping services by drastically extending the time between septic pump outs. The Accelerator by Dr. Pooper septic tank cleaner clears out even the most clogged septic tanks very smoothly & effectively. A total bang for your buck.