DrainFix & Septic Restorer – 32 fl oz.- Patented Bac Enzyme Exxon Valdez Septic Tank Treatment Septic Problem Rescue Drainfield Restoration Drain Cleaner – Eliminates All Septic & Drain Problems…

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Powerful Septic Tank Treatment & Drainfield Restoration Treatment & Drain Cleaner.Unique Patented Bacteria Enzyme Exxon Valdez Septic Tank Treatment Septic Problem Drainfield Restoration Treatment Formula Helps Eliminate Pumpouts, Removes Black Tar (BioMat), Heavy Sludge Digester, Removes Odors, Unclogs Drains, Reverses Backups, 100% Guaranteed Safe & Effective.
Fast Acting, Multi-Purpose! DrainFix Helps Eliminate Tough Plumbing Problems Septic Problems Backups, Odors, Pump-outs and Protects Well Water. Works in All Types of Plumbing and Septic Systems. Use DrainFix to Unclog and Protect: Drains, Septic Systems, Plumbing and Grease Traps. Developed by Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Scientists.
Patented Bac Enzyme Capability to Completely Digests Large Amounts of Sludge (Sewage) and BioMat (Black Tar) in a short amount of time instead of just breaking it down. 100% Digestion of Waste, No suspened solids, No Fillers, Maintains and Treat entire septic system. 100% Safe to Use.