Vacplus Septic Tank Treatment – 24 Packs for 2-Year Supply, Bucket-Packed Septic Tank Treatment Packets, Dissolvable & Flushable Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes with Easy Operation for Wastes & Odors Price: $17.99 (as of 02/01/2024 23:43 PST- Details)

24-PACK BUCKET PACKAGING: Each pack of Vacplus septic tank cleaner lasts for a month in a septic tank of 1000-1500 gallons, and the 24 packs in total can continuously clean septic tanks for 2 years. Moreover, the special bucket packaging is sealable and damp-proof, making the septic treatment easy to store for a long time!
EFFICIENT UNCLOGGING: Each pack of Vacplus septic tank treatment features billions of active septic tank enzymes that can efficiently dissolve grease, paper, and other wastes, which reduces buildups and prevents septic system backups. These packets can save the trouble of costly maintenance for septic tanks.
EFFECTIVE DEODORIZATION: The enzymes in the septic tank treatment can dissolve organic wastes adhering to the sewer pipelines, thus effectively removing odors caused by these wastes in your bathroom. You can rest assured that this efficient septic tank cleaner will make your bathroom time more enjoyable.